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A Handcrafted Taste of Montana!


“Berry Yourself in Flavor” as you indulge in the unique flavor varieties of Montana fruit and jalapeno pepper jellies, wild fruit jams, wild fruit syrups, chokecherry barbecue sauce or creamed honey.


Fruit Jams

Each batch of Becky’s fruit jams is carefully crafted to create a unique and memorable taste of Montana. Recipes steeped in tradition and lip-smacking goodness– these jams are rich with delicious, unstrained pieces of fruit originating from wild huckleberries, chokecherries, June berries, buffalo berries, and blackberries grown naturally in Montana and the Northwest.  Craving some Becky's Berries strawberry rhubarb jam now aren’t you? 

Fruit Jellies

Deep, rich flavors emerge from Becky’s Montana fruit jellies–crafted from wild berries. These recipes have a flair for the unique, and they’ll leave you wanting more; craving that homemade jelly flavor you remember.

Pepper Jellies

Sweet with a tangy zing, we bet you won't stop until you taste every flavor — several times! All kinds of berries and fruit take a delightful leap when they pair up with fiery jalapeños! Pineapple jalapeno pepper jelly might be your next favorite.

Montana Creamed Honey

Montana Sweet Clover Honey and Montana Huckleberries combine for a delightful treat like none other. The honey has a tasty, creamy texture that spreads like butter and a small dollop will sweeten your cup of tea!

Chipotle Glazes

Wonderfully delicious smoked chipotle peppers are packed into every jar of Becky's Raspberry or Blackberry Chipotle. These tangy, glazes will put a tasty spin on meats or pair with cream cheese as a dip for crackers!

Berry Syrups

Wild Montana berries fill each mouthwatering bottle of syrup. Choose from Wild Huckleberry or Wild Chokecherry. Very berry!

Chockecherry Barbecue Sauce

Rich, traditional barbecue flavor with a splash of chokecherry flavor!